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Founded in 2018 by Mark Schroeder, Geomarkets Africa applies robust geopolitical modeling to identify and elevate Africa-specialized market moving opportunities and vulnerabilities.

Schroeder founded Geomarkets Africa upon a career of geopolitical analysis and field work in Africa spanning more than twenty years. Schroeder’s career brought him into a trusted advisor capacity with African governments and foreign corporations operating throughout Africa’s regions, from West, East, Southern, Central and the Horn of Africa.

Bounded by Schroeder’s career in Africa is a proprietary network of information sources across dozens of countries, comprising those in corridors of power effecting policy to corporates affected by policy to the citizenry living a country’s political economic challenges and aspirations. This multi-tiered intelligence capability enables Geomarkets Africa to leverage an informed viewpoint unparalleled by non-specialists and extract for its clients new discoveries of growth and risk.

Mark Schroeder

Our Promise. Our Values. Our Mission.

Geomarkets Africa is founded upon the premise that great market opportunities exist in Africa. Great market opportunities are not guaranteed, nor their success sustained, without care, however. To discern amid opaque markets in Africa, to seize growth prospects in Africa, and to mitigate against vulnerabilities in Africa, Geomarkets Africa believes its specialized capability is required.

Geomarkets Africa derives its intelligence and analysis framework from a disciplined toolkit. No economy is overlooked, nor no country seen too small, for market opportunity or risk to be revealed. Macro-policy by central actors is analyzed against pressures from beyond as well as below that constrains decision-making behavior.

Geomarkets Africa commits to empathize with a host actor’s interests while carefully calculating the means at hand to develop or compromise those objectives. Consequently, clients of Geomarkets Africa gain deep appreciation of the geopolitical stakes unfolding in Africa — with effect for gain, or risk.

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