Will be unplugged for the wilderness

Thank you for your consideration of Geomarkets Africa. Your readership and confidence has been a source of inspiration to discover new channels, such as the Geomarkets Africa Daily, to speak to developments and opportunities in Africa derived from the region’s geopolitics. 

For the next two weeks I will have the opportunity to join my son James and several other Boy Scouts on a high adventure trek through the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of New Mexico. I will seize the opportunity to unplug and be shaped by the wilderness we will encounter. My trek will surely reveal profound impressions and add a new layer to those I earned from previous times in the backcountry, such as in Mali’s pays dogonandMozambique’s Gorongosa. This trek will bring a new and special purpose, as I will be sharing it with my son.

I will look forward to reconnecting with Geomarkets Africa with eyes and ideas made fresh by the wilderness. Thank you for this release and for anticipating our return.


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